Infrastructure Assessment

We integrate your business strategy with the most cost-effective solutions to improve your outreach, efficiency, and productivity.

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Cyber Security Assessment

Cybersecurity is increasingly important in the 21st century, especially with a sharp uptick in ransomware and breaches happening daily.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Backing up your data is like paying for car insurance. You hope you never have to use it, but when disaster strikes, you can have peace of mind that your data is safe and recoverable.

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Web Services

Having an online presence is the most important part of discoverability. Choose to make your business a leader with all of the industry-standard features, availability, and security requirements of a modern website.

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Employee Training Seminars

One of the weakest links concerning cybersecurity is often employees, who cannot reliably differentiate social engineering attacks from legitimate businesses.

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Please join us for our bi-weekly education seminars on topics relating to all aspects of technology!

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We elected to sell our house ourselves without the assistance of real estate agents, thus saving $31,800.00 in commissions. The home was built in 1894 in the Queen Anne cottage style that John Roberts, a Burlington builder, popularized.

Arktech was an enthusiastic partner in the project since it was the first time for each of us. It was a true collaboration with us sharing ideas on a prototype that clearly can be used again. John James made many suggestions that were included in the final website. Prospective buyers were greatly impressed with the website and the information made available to them. We had many inquiries. The website allowed the potential buyers to focus their attention on their needs.

The marketing efforts were capped off with an open house that resulted in two offers, which allowed for the acceptance of an offer $30,000 greater than the asking price.

I would recommend Arktech to those that seek to create a website for their marketing program.

James L. Reagan

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